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Patients Empowering Patients

Helping patients advocate for the evolution of kidney care

What is the Kidney Patient and Donor Alliance of Canada?

We are a not-for-profit organization made up of kidney patients, kidney donors and our families and friends that work to ensure patients and kidney donors are at the centre of our own care. Any one of us alone has little chance of making a difference, but together, we can make sure our voices are heard about the issues that matter most to us. We partner with healthcare professionals, clinicians, researchers, like-minded organizations, industry, and various levels of government to advocate for change and improve care for kidney patients.

“With a transplant, we’re no longer talking years, we’re talking decades”

Bill Armstrong, Coalition Member

Partnering with Patient Programs

The Alliance partners with the Transplant Ambassadors Program, a patient-led peer support program embedded within the hospitals that provides kidney patients, their families, and potential kidney donors with regular opportunities to see and hear from people who had successfully transplant experiences. The Transplant Ambassador Program (TAP) was developed in 2017 by a group of dedicated volunteers. To donate to the program, please go to

What We Do

Community is strength
We advocate as a unified community to improve kidney care.

Issues that affect our kidney and transplant community change from year to year, and it’s critical to share ideas and input on issues of top concern. We regularly survey our community and establish patient working groups to identify potential solutions to emerging challenges.

Transplant 1st Campaign

A radical system-wide reform of the Canadian healthcare system that prioritizes kidney transplant as the best treatment for kidney failure, is urgently needed to optimize every patient’s chance to receive a kidney transplant and every donor’s opportunity to donate.
This new kidney care model centred on transplant as the first and best treatment for kidney failure would save thousands of lives and realize billions of dollars in health care costs related to dialysis, including disability benefits, lost work productivity, increased financial burden on patients and families, and countless other social service support costs.

Add Your Voice

We are committed to mobilizing a large Canada-wide network of kidney patients, living kidney donors and our family members so that collectively, we can play an active part in improving kidney care and access to kidney care for all Canadians. There are many ways to participate with the Alliance. Join us and add your voice!

Alliance in Action

Be inspired by how kidney patients and donors are raising awareness and making a difference.

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