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Kidney Patients & Living Donors Taking Action

Issues that affect the kidney transplant community change from year to year. We bring together patients to share and provide input on topics of key concern. Wherever possible, the Kidney Alliance establishes working groups to engage patients in defining and identifying potential solutions to emerging challenges and support their advocacy. We are building a national network of kidney patients and donors advocating for better care.

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Best practice kidney transplant research

There has been a lot of published research that outlines best practices recommended for kidney and transplant care, yet it is up to each individual hospital to decide whether they will adopt any of these strategies. Patients and living donors can play a role in helping their hospitals implement these best practices.

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What is the Kidney Patient Partner Coalition?

The creation of a Patient Partner Coalition (PPC) is a key outcome of a Patient Partner Workshop held July 2022 with kidney transplant recipients and living kidney donors who met to brainstorm roles they can play in translating best practice kidney transplant research findings as well as other research initiatives.

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Priority Advocacy Issues and Campaigns

We believe all patients with kidney disease, kidney donors, and healthcare providers want to see improved kidney care overall, including increased transplantation rates and fewer people on dialysis. If all stakeholders add their voices to kidney-related advocacy, many more people would be able to receive successful transplants and avoid years or even a lifetime on dialysis.

At the age of nineteen, my oldest son, Max was very suddenly diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure. I experienced firsthand the fear and uncertainty of facing a loved one on dialysis, fought against the lack of information on transplant hospitals across the country, and felt the need for urgency and consistency around donor work-up processes.

– Lynn van der Linde, Coalition Member
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Transplant & Renal Centre Directory

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Alliance in Action