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What is the Patient Partner Coalition for Transplant 1st?

As a key outcome of a Patient Partner Workshop held July 2022, the Patient Partner Coalition (PPC) was created. The workshop participants brainstormed roles recipients and donors can play in translating best practice research findings and other research initiatives. The PPC consists of kidney transplant recipients and living kidney donors.

Kidney recipients, patients and living donors have a unique opportunity, credibility, and authenticity through their lived experiences that they can harness to help disseminate research about best practices in kidney health. Because of our experience, we can share this information in a way that other stakeholders may not be able to due to professional conflicts, time restraints or other factors. Furthermore, we can persuasively request for and be part of building a more transparent and accountable healthcare system by:

  • Understanding published and established kidney and transplant best practices;
  • Identifying the best practices followed by renal programs/transplant hospitals;
  • Presenting on and informing a broad audience about these best practices;
  • Informing why it is important that providers and administrators adopt best practices as standard practice;
  • Asking administrators to be accountable for the effectiveness of their programs and health delivery processes

Partnering with Can-SOLVE CKD

The PPC is helping to advance a Can-SOLVE CKD research project entitled Mobilizing Research Findings to Achieve More Living Donor Kidney Transplants.

The Can-SOLVE CKD Network, Canada’s largest-ever kidney research initiative supports and funds this research project in part. Can-SOLVE CKD is a national partnership of patients, researchers, health care providers, and policy-makers working to transform treatment and care for Canadians affected by chronic kidney disease. Furthermore, this unique network is one of five chronic disease networks supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research through Canada’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR). This project is focused on:

  • Disseminating best practice transplant research by leveraging our passion, experiences and learnings as patients and kidney donors within the healthcare system
  • Developing benchmarks for an efficient living donor kidney evaluation (e.g., how long it should take for candidates to learn if they are eligible to donate).
  • Translating metrics for an efficient living donor kidney evaluation into scorecards to track how well programs are meeting targets.
  • Translating the results of our process evaluation evaluating our quality improvement intervention to help more eligible patients in Ontario receive a kidney transplant.
  • Test and evaluate solutions to improve the efficiency of living donor kidney evaluations.

The Patient Partner Coalition is working to implement the findings from this project through targeted implementation campaigns set forth in the Coalition’s knowledge translation framework. The Coalition’s first targeted campaign is the Transplant 1st Campaign.


We will post our activities on the Priority Issues and Campaigns page as we go forward. If you would like to join us in our work, contact us at